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The University of Sydney Foundation Program (USFP) is the preparation course for undergraduate degrees at the University of Sydney if you do not meet the academic entry requirements for your preferred course. It is conducted by Taylors Institute of Advanced Studies Ltd on behalf of Study Group Australia and the University of Sydney.
An increased need for accountants and auditor will arise from a greater emphasis on accountability, transparency, and controls in financial reporting. Increased scrutiny of company finances and accounting procedures will create opportunities for accountants and auditors, particularly CPAs.
Cambridge Regional College 05:08:16 - 22/09/2012
Cambridge Regional College (CRC) is a large, Further Education Institution situated in the history town of Cambridge which is 45 miles northeast of London with excellent rail links to the capital. The College provides education and training opportunities for 4,000 full-time students from 15-18 and 9,000 part-time, 19+learners, many of whom are in workplace. The College also welcomes over 1,000 international students from 54 countries each year.