Du Hoc Duy Tan Introduction


Duy Tan  Study Abroad Co., Ltd. was established on 27/3/2009. Work permit number 4104008914 was issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City. With a staff of over 10 years experience in education, study abroad, we are intimate friends of the students, parents and school partners.

We have instructions for success many students dream of the study to the national education bring the international.

Duy Tan  Study Abroad Co., Ltd. as an information center regularly updated by over 100 school partners with the goal of helping Vietnamese students who want to study abroad for reference, find out about the education system , country, people that you want to come.

 The activities of Duy Tan  Study Abroad Co., Ltd.:

* Provide advice and free information about programs and the country you want to study.

* Support of students  in the admission register, student visa application.

* Coordinate closely with banks to help demonstrate financial study an effective, less expensive one.

* Provide training services, language translation, training in interview skills.

* Pass rate visa almost Perfectly.

* Consultant to prepare the site, knowledge for Vietnamese students before you leave to study.

* Set ticket and cooperating with overseas for accommodation arrangements for students, airport shuttle.

* Apply visa for parents to visit their son/daughter studying abroad.

* Along with the foreign partners, organizing  Summer programs to  UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Singapore ....

* Organise Work and Travel program in the U.S. in Summer opportunity for students in Vietnam. This is the opportunities to improve English and experience life in a foreign country the most effective. (Combined with InterExchange Work & Travel USA)

* In particular, maintaining contact between the school and family during the study of international students.


* Coordinate with partner schools in foreign countries held a workshop study, scholarship, participation in exhibitions international education in and outside the country.

* Support the school's partners in programs promoting scholarship program to study the media in the Internet, newspapers, television ...


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