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The College of Saint Rose - Master’s degree in accounting | du hoc Duy Tân

The College of Saint Rose - Master’s degree in accounting

The College of Saint Rose - Master’s degree in accounting


Master’s degree in accounting

An increased need for accountants and auditor will arise from a greater emphasis on accountability, transparency, and controls in financial reporting. Increased scrutiny of company finances and accounting procedures will create opportunities for accountants and auditors, particularly CPAs.

At both the national and New York States level, accounting I forecast to be a high-growth profession in the coming decade. The NYS Department of Labor Statistics notes that the hiring potential for accountants is “very favorable”, with about 3,000 openings each year at a median salary of over $76,000. The US Occupational Outlook Handbook adds: “Accountants and auditors who have earned professional recognition through certification or other designation, especially a CPA, should have the best job prospects.

To meet that demand, Saint Rose offers an MS in Accounting. Our 30-credit master’s degree meets the accounting and business education requirements to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination, as outline by the New York State Education Department. Student completing the program also satisfy one year of the two-year experiential requirement for licensure as a CPA.

Through a curriculum that includes graduate business and advanced accounting courses, students develop the conceptual knowledge and analytical skills to succeed as accountants. Courses include taxation, computer auditing, financial accounting, and budgeting and cost analysis.

The MS in Accounting is appropriate for students who pursued accounting as an undergraduate major, as well as people interested in a career change. All applications are screened for the required courses in business and accounting necessary to qualify for the CPA examination in New York State. For people entering the accounting field from other disciplines, undergraduate business and accounting prerequisites will be spelled out at the time of admission. Saint Rose offers all undergraduate courses necessary to qualify for the CPA examination.

Benefits of the program

-          The College is professionally accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs.

-          The average class size is 18 students allowing students personal interaction with teaching faculty and fellow students.

-          Classes are offered in the daytime and evening for those who wish to pursue full-time or part-time study.

Apply today!

Office of graduate admissions

The College of Saint Rose

432 Western Avenue, Albany, NY 12214-3083

Visit: 8979